Using the Main Yellowdig Functions with Your Learners

Outside of the Settings, Admin, Dashboard, and a couple of functions reserved for board owners and administrators (e.g., Instructor Badges and Pinning to the Top), nearly all of the main Yellowdig functionality is the same as what students use and see.  The function that you will use to interact in your board Feed (Pinning, Commenting, Upvoting, attaching Topics, etc.) are all identical to your students. 

Because you are also likely to need to field a question or two about Yellowdig, we recommend familiarizing yourself with these functions through the student documentation in our Knowledge Base.  Specifically, you are likely to use the Pinning and Commenting functionality and are likely to add Topics to Pins and Filter using them.

The activity of instructors and TA's can have a significant positive impact on student motivation and the types and quality of content that they post, so we always recommend that they try to spend at least a little bit of time Upvoting, Badging, and leaving quick comments (e.g., "Great thoughts!").  Board owners and administrators who interact in the board will accumulate points and have their activity tracked just like students, so one way to monitor and improve your own interaction in the board is to set your own point or Pin/Comment goals.  To understand how the point system and other social functions work to accumulate points, see those articles in the student section of the Knowledge Base.

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