Conversation Starters and Example Prompts

These "conversation starters" are recommended in addition to more detailed instructions about how Yellowdig is being used within your course and how points are earned (templates available here).  


Introductions - First Week "Starter Pins"

These Pins are meant to help break the ice with other students and can be a good way to give your students some information about the platform or get them interacting in Yellowdig while talking about a subject they are hopefully comfortable with (themselves).  Most organizations have a default starter pin similar to the one immediately below that will automatically appear on new boards and is a good example.  Other examples follow that default Pin.


Default Pin - Welcome to Yellowdig!

To get get started using Yellowdig, create a new pin to introduce yourself by clicking on the +pin button in the top right of the screen. Make sure to use the topic INTRODUCE YOURSELF so that your introductory pin can be found with all of the other INTRODUCE YOURSELF pins. You can sort them by clicking on the Topic on the right hand side of the page. 

In the pin you can attach a picture of yourself, share a favorite link/video, or attach files. Whatever you like.  Within the body share things like where you are from and what you hope to get out of this course. You can also use #hashtag to emphasize a point if you'd like. 

Feel free to look through your peers' introductions and interact with them by commenting, or like/love-ing their pins. We want to create a community of sharing within Yellowdig for this course, so please join in!

If you need to notify someone you can mention them by including '@name' e.g. BRIAN VERDINE in your pin/comment.


If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Hi Everyone!  To get started this week, I'd like you to post a pin introducing yourself to your classmates.  You can share whatever you like about yourself, but to make it a little fun and interesting, I'd personally like to know the answer to one question: If you could have a superpower, what would it be? And how would it help you in your future career or to achieve another life goal?

To help everyone in the group get to know you, it would be super-helpful if you could include some kind of image with your post and, if you don't already have one, put it up as a profile picture.  Your profile settings are accessible at the upper right of this page by clicking on the white arrow.  Setting your profile will help you establish a unique online identity.  If you'd rather not share a photo of yourself, you can use some other image that says something about you.  Feel free to be creative and fun with this.  To incentivize this, I'll like any introduction that includes a photo or video, which will give you some extra points.

(Share in a separate Pin rather than a Comment to this one. More people will see it, and you will earn more points toward the discussion forum). 


Share your favorite and personal brands!

Hi!  I'd like everyone to post an introductory Pin (click +Pin at the top right).  Since this is a marketing class I want to make this fun and interesting using something we are all familiar with... logos.  I want you to paste the logo of a brand that you think is your favorite brand and explain why you like it.  Maybe you use the company's product a lot, maybe you've always wanted one, or maybe you just think the company is cool. 

Then to help everyone in the group get to know you, I want you to quickly create your own logo (even just a quick sketch and phone picture of it) for your own personal brand and explain why you chose the imagery.  There's no requirements for these logos, I won't be grading them, and there are no bad logos as long as they represent something about you.  We'll have plenty of time to think and talk about what makes good and bad logo designs.  Perhaps later in the course we'll take another stab at improving these originals.

I also want to really encourage you to put in a profile image if you don't have one.  Your profile settings are accessible at the upper right of this page by clicking on the white arrow.  If you'd rather not share a photo of yourself, you can use your logo or some other image to make it easier for classmates to visually identify you.  Feel free to be creative and fun with this.  To incentivize this, I'll give a badge to any of your logo posts that have a profile picture when I look at them.  That will give you some extra points.

To share your logos create your own Pin rather than making a Comment to this one.


Example Discussion Prompts:

Many of our users come to Yellowdig with courses that have already been set up or managed in other technologies.  The framework for these prior technologies has usually promoted the development of weekly questions that students are assigned to reply to with a further requirement to comment on a couple of other students posts.  Though this framework does focus students on specific course content, we find the rigidity of the assignments limits the amount of actual discussion students have. 

In general we see better discussion when prompts are suggestions, not assignments, and when conversations are allowed to continue from week-to-week rather than having a forced restart each week by a prompt that must be responded to.  Students being able to explore and post about things that interest them also allows them to connect the discussion to their world.  With Yellowdig's point system, weekly prompts are generally not necessary to create a good discussion and they can be used sparingly or not at all.  If you do want to use them, especially if you have existing ones that have been used in other discussion frameworks, we highly recommend turning those weekly requirements into suggestions that allow students some freedom.  Real conversations are not directly linear and hyper-focused, they meander and explore.  In fact, part of their value is in exploring.  So your prompts and assignments need to allow that. 

Below is what we would consider some model prompts that would both create a good discussion and allow the professor to focus some attention on what they think is important to highlight. chance of creating a vibrant discussion:


Example 1

Each week I will be posting a few questions that are related to the topics and readings for that week.  To be clear these questions are not an assignment per se.  I post them to take the opportunity to highlight what I think are some important questions to ask about each week's readings and to give you an opportunity to discuss them.  But there are certainly many other things worth thinking about or sharing with the class, so feel free to create your own Pins where you also ask relevant questions or share current events and outside information.  

Basically, I'll allow you to earn points for anything you post in Yellowdig discussions as long as it is thoughtful, understandable, and relevant to the class. I've also set it up so that there's time limit on responding to any conversations across the different weeks - if something occurs to you a few weeks from now about the readings or the discussion happening this week, I would invite you to bring it back to these conversations and add to them. 

You will be able to earn more points if your fellow classmates like and discuss your Pins, so consider that when posting.  Also, remember that this is a discussion forum... try to create and have actual back-and-forth discussions with your classmates.  The Pins and Comments you create are not really for me, they are for the whole class.

If I post any questions that you are required to answer, I will put a regular announcement in our LMS to make sure you are aware of it, and Pin it to the Top of this discussion feed (like this post), so it won't get buried by new posts in your feed. 

Be aware that there are search and filter functions to the right of this page that can allow you to find specific things in your feed at any time.  You can filter by topic, author, or date to easily find things.

If you have any questions, raise them in comments below!

(Insert questions for this week's readings) 


Example 2

As always, talk about anything interesting and course-related.  If you need an idea, you could Pin video clips from your favorite movies, tag them with the appropriate class Topic(s), and tell everyone why you think they are good (or bad!) illustrations of that course Topic.  I've posted my own response to show what I mean and because, nerdy as it may sound, I love talking about this stuff.

Remember, you get points if people respond to what you post.  Don’t forget to Comment and actually talk to each other, this is supposed to be a discussion!  I’ll badge any posts that get a good conversation started or keep it going.  Remember to Love and Like other people’s posts.  You’ll help them get points and I’ll know what interests you.  We can discuss the most interesting post from Yellowdig this week in class!

Example professor Pin from an Intro to Psychology class:  One of my all-time favorite movies is Secondhand Lions.  I linked a funny clip below.  The movie is based around old stories that are being told about the two older main characters and the things they did in their youth.  It always occurred to me how relevant this is to memory, how memories might change after repeated tellings of the same story, and the extent to which different cognitive biases and repeated interviews might influence memory and eyewitness testimony.  It seems quite likely the stories being told in this movie have been rehearsed a few times over the years and it seems like the creators of the movie played with that a little bit.  That definitely lends to it's over-the-top and sometimes sappy/cheesy feel.  I personally think that's an endearing characteristic of the movie, but it also reiterates the idea that the accuracy of these stories takes a back seat to the lessons they teach.  Has anyone seen this movie? (#YouShould)  Is there any story you think is most likely to be inaccurate?  Any scenes that you think play on other topics we cover in this class? (Tagged with "Memory" topic)  


Example 3

Example Pin from a business class:  This week we discussed services management.  I'm sure that many of you have heard of the Start-Up giant #WeWork, who's fast growing co-working space business can be found in cities across the globe. As the company looks to continue to diversify its offerings and create new revenue streams, they have started 'dabbling' in interior design. Much like this landmark deal from UBS, companies are able to work with the "Powered by We" team to design a dream office experience for its employees [Link to article].  Feel free to discuss anything you find interesting from previous weeks or that you might see in the news relevant to the class.  Anyone looking for ideas could try to find and post about service-oriented businesses that you use or that you are familiar with from your everyday life where they are using concepts from this week's text and lecture as an important part of their business model.  If you do that, just be sure to use this week's topic!



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